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  • About OPECMADE

    • OPECMADE Inc. was founded as an Electrical Discharge Machining wire manufacturer in 1988. We are now a supplier of the world’s best-selling coated EDM wires, capable of producing 6,000 tons per year. We became the only company supplying products to the world’s top three wire EDM machine manufacturers based on excellent product performance and reliable accuracy. Our products are used for machining equipment in such diverse fields as oil, automobile, medical, aerospace and others that require advanced technologies. We export to about 20 countries, including the US, Japan, China, Germany and the UK, receiving favorable responses from customers for excellent product performance and long-term partnerships.
    • We are the original and the first company that introduced the world’s first cracked surfac EDM wire, Zinco1st, after four years of research in 1997. Following this, we rolled out an upgraded model, Hybrid Puma, which boasted faster cutting speed and finer finishes in 2011. These two advanced EDM wire with cracked surface changed the entire EDM wire market for wire manufacturers to focus on the wire's surface structure. 
    • OPECMADE obtained patents in many countries around the world and certifications from diverse institutions at home and abroad, including the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Our total inspection policy guarantees highly reliable products for customers.
    • Our vision is to grow with our customers. In this sense, we wish to become a market leader which helps customers grow by supplying the best reliable products
    • Dec. 1988: OLYMPIC PULSE ENGINEERING COMPANY (OPEC) was founded.
      Jul.  1997: The patent of the world's first cracked surface EDM wire was filed in Korea (Patent No. 97-36214, Model name: Zinco1st).
      Sep. 1998: The Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) certified cracked surface wire as a new technology (Certificate No. SMBA 98-31).
      Oct. 1999: OPEC received the Prime Minister’s Prize for Application of New Technology (Group category: No. 99368)
      Jan. 2000: A 180,000 square feet-sized factory with the capacity of 6,000 tons per year was completed in Pyeongtaek and the headquarters moved in.
      Oct. 2001: The first cracked surface wire patent was filed in the US (No. US 6,306,523B1).
      Nov. 2001: ISO 9001 certification was acquired.
      Feb. 2002: The patent was registered in China (No. ZL 98 8 01082.8).
      Dec. 2004: The Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy certified the cracked surface wire as a World-Class Product.
      Dec. 2009: The SMBA certified OPEC as an Inno-Biz or technologically innovative SME. 
      Apr. 2011: OPEC was renamed to OPECMADE Inc.. 
    • Apr. 2011: The advanced cracked surface wire patent was filed in Korea (Patent No. 10-2012-0122535, Model name: Hybrid PUMA).
    • Nov. 2017: OPECMADE International, a US branch office, was founded in Chicago, USA.
    Introducing a New Game Changer


    Address. 44, Cheongbuksandan-ro 99beon-gil, Cheongbuk-myeon,

    Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, Zip: 17792


    Tel. +82-31-683-8161

    Fax. +82-31-683-1986

    Email. opecmade@opecmade.com


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