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  • Cracking: The Next Generation

    A Game Changer

    All about Cracked Surface EDM Wire



    • For electrodes, electric conductivity and tensile strength are important as they are closely related with cutting speed and accuracy, respectively. Bronze has high electric conductivity and elongation and thus was first used for electrodes. Then, brass which has greater tensile strength came into use, making more accurate cutting possible. Cutting speed and accuracy were further heightened by using zinc-coated electrodes. In addition to these chemical improvements, OPECMADE made physical improvements by adding pores to the surface of electrodes.

    High Speed Cutting

    • Cracked Surface wires absorb more cooling water due to their enlarged surface area and cool down faster than the existing non-porous wires. This allows cracked surface wires much faster cutting speed.

    High Accuracy and Fine Finishes

    • Thanks to the cooling ability, OPECMADE cracking wires realize enhanced tensile strength when cutting and do not break easily. Therefore, comparing to other coated wires, they can fabricate workpieces with finer finishes and greater accuracy.



    A Product Recognized by Government

    World Class Product of Korea


    • World Class Product of Korea is a national certification awarded by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for items selling in overseas market and leading the industry. The selection is based on technological level and growth potential.
    • Being recognized as a leader in the global EDM wire market, OPECMADE acquired the certificate for the first time in the industry in 2004.

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    Genuine Technology

    Our Patents

    Korea Patent 98-0030969

    US Patent 6,306,523

    China Patent ZL 98 8 01082.2

    Europe Patent 0 930 131

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    Guaranteed Excellence

    • Certificates

    New Technology

    (Misitry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    ISO 9001

    (Korean Standards Association)

    World Class Product

    (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


    (Ministry of Small/Medium Enterprises & Startups)

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